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Cristinel Gheorghiu studied fine arts in Italy. He also completed a course in landscape design and has practical experience in interior design. Participate in national and international exhibitions and competitions
Cristi created Color and Soul, a group that aims to make trauma bearable for children and
to help them manage their emotions through art.
In order to have reliable information in the field, we are associate members of BAAT
He speaks Italian and Romanian well, which he also practices as a translator.

Color and Soul is the place where I share my experience between the old walls of the Florentine buildings, between the old church where Dante Alighieri met Beatrice and the old art workshops in San Frediano between the jewelers' laboratories on Ponte Vecchio and the Academy Gallery or Uffizi Gallery, but especially Color and Soul it is for me the place where the shipwreck ends, the place where the meaning takes shape, the place where I express myself and the place where I learn from the little ones those things that I have not even learned very far


  • Studio -Iasi(RO) -Florilor street 50 Valea Adanca